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A Letter from Bataan
The Puff

  Neal J. Freeman
The Puff  

"Andy Mitchell is an ordinary guy with some extraordinary problems. His father, a military hero who walked on the moon, died at a young age under mysterious circumstances. His true love left him after a strange incident in a public park. An ominous black-helmeted figure continues to haunt his dreams. And why does he keep finding himself at "Final Frontier", that long-running Broadway musical starring TV's Tom Wopat? Fed up with his working-day existence and determined to discover the secrets of his past, Andy embarks on an odyssey to unleash an incredible power seemingly locked inside him. Can he conquer his mysterious aversion to musical theater to finally become...THE PUFF?"

The first act of The Puff received a staged reading at Dixon Place on March 27th, 2014.


©Neal J. Freeman, 2014