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December 17, 1942

Dear Mrs. Porter.

The Provost Marshal General directs me to forward to you official information regarding your son, First Lieutenant George E. Porter, who is now a prisoner of war. This information is to the effect that Lieutenant Porter is now interned in the Philippine Islands by the Japanese.

Packages cannot be sent to the Orient at this time. As soon as transportation facilities are available a package permit will be issued to the next of kin.

When any further information is received concerning him, you will be advised.

Sincerely yours.

Howard F. Bresee
Lt. Col., C.M.P.
Chief, Information Branch, United States Army

  Captain George Porter
Dear George  

A Letter from Bataan  traces the journey of Captain George E. Porter from the small-town of St. Joseph, Missouri to one of the most unforgiving battlegrounds of World War II, the Japanese assault on the Philippines in December of 1941. Surviving the invasion, three months of combat under deplorable conditions, the brutal Bataan Death March, and two and a half years in a Japanese concentration camp, George fatefully boards the "hell ship" Arisan Maru in October of 1944. Meanwhile at home, his family agonizes over months and years seeking word of his whereabouts and survival. A Letter from Bataan  is George's story, told in part through his own words and those of his family.


A Letter from Bataan  was a semi-finalist for the 2012 and 2013 Eugene O'Neill Theater Center National Playwrights Conference, the recipient of a seed grant from The Drama League Directors Project, and was work-shopped at the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab. A Letter from Bataan  has been developed with the assistance of Morgan Jenness, the support of the Brooklyn College Department of Theater, and the permission of the Porter family.

Letter photographs by Ron Amato.

  With my dearest love

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